Bonfire Night Perfectly Cooked Sausages


The perfect sausage

The perfect sausage roll for Bonfire Night

One of the most popular barbecued foods on Bonfire Night are sausages. The problem is, unless you are watching them really closely, there is a good chance they will be overcooked on the exterior and raw in the centre.

I’m working together with Aldi UK to bring you a few recipes that will free up time so you can enjoy the bonfire and also not need to worry about your food being cooked through.

This is a recipe I learned about 25 years ago while I was living in Germany. They Germans do love their sausages and Aldi supplies excellent quality British sausages and German Bratwursts which are what I used here.

This is a super easy recipe and it’s also quite convenient. The sausages are first simmered in beer or stock ( I used beer ) with the vegetables of your choice like onions, red peppers and cabbage.

By the time you take them down to the bonfire, they are completely cooked through and can sit in the cooking liquid until your guests are feeling peckish.

Then, all they need to do is skewer one or two up and place it over the bonfire flames.

I served my sausages in Aldi Brioche hotdog buns and covered them with the vegetables from the cooking stock. This is the perfect and safe way to cook sausages for groups large and small. No more raw centres and blackened and split skins! Cook your sausages this way on Bonfire night and you’ll have a lot more time to enjoy your evening.

Cooking sausages

Frying the veggies before adding the beer.

Making sausages

The sausages will cook through in the beer and vegetables.

Making sausages

I aim for an internal temperature of 70c so that I know that the sausages are safe to eat.


The cooked sausages can stay in the hot stock until ready to cook.


Brown your sausages over the fire and serve. Top with the cooked vegetables.

Bonfire Night Perfectly Cooked Sausages
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Main
Cuisine: British
  • Sausages of your choice (As many as you like )
  • 1 knob butter
  • Sliced onions, red peppers, cabbage etc to cook with the sausages
  • Beer or stock
  1. Melt the butter and fry your vegetables in a pan or large pot if needed.
  2. Allow to fry until the onion is soft and translucent and then pour in the beer or stock.
  3. Bring to a simmer and then add the sausages.
  4. Cook the sausages until their internal temperature is about 65c to 70c.
  5. The sausages can then sit in the cooking liquid until people want to brown them over the fire.
  6. Serve on their own or with hotdog buns, topped with the vegetables from the cooking liquid and the condiments of your choice.

Aldi UK is a sponsor of my blog. I highly recommend their British sausages and absolutely love their bratwurst!