Pico De Gallo – Delicious Salsa

Pico de gallo salsa

Pico de gallo salsa

This is one of my favourite salsas. To make pico de gallo, you need to find the freshest ingredients you can get your hands on. If the fruit and vegetables are crisp and fresh, make something else such as my easy salsa recipe which I make when tomatoes aren’t in season.  This mildly spicy salsa is all about the crisp tomatoes, onion, garlic, chillies and strong coriander.

I recommend making a couple hours before serving at most. After that, it begins to lose its crunch.

Pico de gallo salsa is the perfect topping for tacos, burritos and almost anything Mexican food. Try some on your eggs in the morning or garnish your steak. You’ll be glad you did.

I like to add a splash of Mexican beer to the salsa. It just seems to work.

Pico de gallo

Perfect with any Mexican dish.


Pico De Gallo - Delicious Salsa
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Side dish
Cuisine: Mexican
Serves: 6
  • 6 fresh medium sized tomatoes - cut into small cubes
  • 1 small spanish onion - finely chopped
  • 2 - 3 green chilli peppers such as jalepenos - finely chopped
  • 1 small bunch fresh coriander - finely chopped
  • A splash of Mexican beer
  • 2 cloves garlic - finely chopped
  • Juice of one lime
  • Salt to taste
  1. Place all of the ingredients in a mixing bowl and stir together.
  2. Place in the fridge for about half an hour before serving.
  3. Season with salt to taste. I tend to add quite a lot of salt. I know I shouldn't but it tastes so good in this one.